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“I’m much more functional. I was missing an awful lot!”

“I’m an engineer in an international corporation, and I’d realized that my hearing loss was interfering with my ability to do my job for several years. I suppose I was waiting for the ‘balance point’ where the inconvenience of not hearing outweighed the inconvenience of hearing aids. The fact is I waited much too long; I spent a lot of energy compensating and attended a lot of meetings where I sat with a blank smile on my face because I had no idea what was going on, hoping nobody would ask me anything. The Lyrics give me the ‘convenience’ of hearing with essentially no inconvenience. I joke that they’ve effectively added about 30 points to my IQ, but it’s not really a joke- I’m much more functional. I was missing an awful lot!”

Tim M.

“They have my respect and sincere appreciation!”

“I’ve been a patient of Pittsburgh Ear Associates since 1984. I had stapes surgery performed that year and they’ve continued to care for the health of my ears and my hearing needs ever since. The doctors and the audiology staff are not only professionally excellent, they also take a personal interest in me as their patient. Over all these years they have never failed to go out of their way to provide me with the care, advice, products and services I need to keep me healthy, comfortable and functional. They have my respect and sincere appreciation.”

Ted B.

“I always got the help I needed!”

“I got excellent care at Pittsburgh Ear. The people are very caring. They answer all my questions. If I had a problem, all I had to do is give them a call. I always got the help I needed. I am very satisfied with the cochlear implant. I am very grateful for all the staff. Rhonda Tubbs is the greatest at what she does. Dr. Hillman is an excellent doctor. I am very thankful for them both.”

Francis C.

“Thank you!”

“This morning was the first morning in 20 years I have been able to have a conversation with my husband at the breakfast table.”

Shirley C.

“I really appreciate all of your help!”

“I just wanted to let you know that the equipment is working very well. The pen has worked extremely well for class discussion allowing me to pick up everyone’s comments. I have been giving most of my teachers the choice to wear either the pen or the small silver mic. They both work well for lecture. They seem to sound the same. In one of my classes I use both of them at the same time. It works extremely well. The class has two teachers who interchange teaching during the lecture. The speakers are really high quality and the sound is awesome on them. I really appreciate all of your help. I can’t even begin to describe how useful the equipment is. I would really like to thank you for all the time it took to set the devices up. I also am grateful for the time you took out of your schedule to fit me in for all countless appointments. Thanks so much!”

Tony P.

“I had the pleasant experience!”

“I have been looking for the newest technology for my type o hearing loss in a clinic that comes with knowledge and expertise, and I found it all here. Everyone in the staff is really friendly and they make sure you are well taken care of. The new pair of hearing aids work great and Denise made sure the pair is really programmed to fit my hearing needs. She did not leave anything out. I have already recommended Denise and this clinic to others as I had the pleasant experience in the transition from my old hearing aids to the new ones.”

Gabriela C.

“I highly recommend Pittsburgh Ear!”

“I am very pleased with the care given to me by the staff at Pittsburgh Ear, in particular, Dr. Douglas Chen and Dr. Rhonda Tubbs. I am the successful recipient of a cochlear implant. The technology used in the implant is amazing and has improved my hearing significantly. Rhonda has been readily available to answer any questions and to adjust the settings of the processor. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Ear.”

Sheila G.

“No complaints at all!”

“The care I have received at Pittsburgh Ear is wonderful. Julie and all the other women go out of their way to help me. ”

Martha H.

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“I could not be happier with the care I received!”

“Pittsburgh Ear Associates and Rhonda Tubbs, audiologist, activated my cochlear implant system in March 2006. Since that time, I have seen Rhonda at least semi-annually and have always found her to be professional, personable and genuinely interested in my receiving the maximum benefit from my cochlear implant system device. Of particular interest to me has been Rhonda’s willingness to take care of any problems I have 24/7. I could not be happier with the care I have received from Pittsburgh Ear Associates, Dr. Douglas Chen and Rhonda Tubbs.”

Howell B.

“I can be independent again!”

“I have been a patient at Pittsburgh Ear Associates for the past 16 years. At first, I used bilateral hearing aids and then for the past 9 years I’ve worn a cochlear implant. Getting the implant has completely changed my life. It took me out of isolation and put me back into conversations and socializing. Also, I can use the telephone and an iPod. That’s something I could never do before. Most of all I can be independent again. The doctors, audiologists, and staff at Pittsburgh Ear are like family to me. I will be forever grateful for their expertise and patience.”

Lisa P.

“Thanks for the great service!”

“The care and service I have received have been excellent, from the friendly audiologists to the doctors. ”

Charles H.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.