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Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for visiting the Pittsburgh Ear Associates Online Office. We are pleased you have chosen our Website to learn more about otologic conditions such as ear diseases, hearing loss, facial nerve dysfunction, and balance disorders as well as their treatments.

Pittsburgh Ear Associates provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art testing and treatment under the supervision of Douglas A. Chen, M.D., Todd A. Hillman, M.D. and our team of audiologists certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

New and Exciting Developments

Hearing In Noise Just Got Better!

We are pleased to be offering the Lyric as another solution to your hearing difficulties. Call today to try it for yourself.

New Release:

phonak hearing aids

Phonak has released a new hearing aid line that offers features and benefits that are outstanding!!! Click the above picture to learn more about these exciting new features.

Phonak ComPilot with RemoteMic

phonak hearing aids

Phonak ComPilot - the all-in-one accessory
ComPilot provides easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones to name but a few.

Phonak RemoteMic – Don’t miss a word
The discreet and lightweight wireless microphone transfers your conversation partner’s voice directly to your hearing aids over a distance of up to 60 feet. Hear effortlessly in even the noisiest of situations. Call us for more information or a demonstration.